ABOUT <span>WCBCL</span>

CONSERVING Wildlife is struggle of the Governments face all over the world. Ladakh is not exception in this struggle for Conservation of wildlife. Wildlife Protection Department and various organizations and local communities are doing their best, but more and practical efforts are needed to do better to conserve the vulnerable and endangered species to sustain them and make them available for our future generations. Proactive conservation efforts are need of the hour.

Wildlife Conservation and Birds Club of Ladakh (WCBCL) is not an additional organization duplicating the projects already in execution by other stakeholders in the conservation field, but a local community-based organization, involving the real stakeholders of the region who could not only sustain these conservation programs but also play an important role in educating and enlightening the target communities who are in direct conflict with the wildlife of the region. Involvement and participation of the local communities in such program is inevitable in making any conservation story a success.

WCBCL was founded by few likeminded friends, who before forming the organization, have personally worked – collected data, information, conservation means, and above all made themselves well-acquainted with the facts of conservation by umpteen numbers of personal/group trips to different parts of Ladakh for photographs, data collection for studies, researches and records for future conservational use.

Over the years, the organization have made a humble beginning in wildlife conservation activities including Clean Birds Habitat Campaign, Workshop on Bird Monitoring, Sloganeering Anti-Poaching Movement, Photo Exhibition on Wildlife of Ladakh, Ladakh Bird Count - annual feature for Celebrating World Sparrow Day, World Migratory Bird Day, Bird Exodus Week, etc.

The organization is in the process of collecting new record-sittings of Birds and Wild Animals in Ladakh and plans to have an Indigenous Checklist of Birds and Wild Animals of Ladakh. Numbers of new record-sightings were made during the last few years by its members.