World Renown Sir George Scheller with the Members of WCBCL, Ladakh With Wildlife Warden Shri. Pankaj Raina, during the Asian Waterbird Census in January 2018 With Wildlife Warden Shri. Pankaj Raina during Ladakh Bird Count 2017, Ladakh eBird Workshop Tibetan Sand Fox  also called Sili in Ladakhi.

CONSERVING Wildlife is struggle of the Governments face all over the world. Ladakh is not exception in this struggle for Conservation of wildlife. Wildlife Protection Department and various organizations and local communities are doing their best, but more needs to be done. To conserve the vulnerable and endangered species and to sustain them for our future generations, every individual should participate in wildlife conservation activities. Proactive conservation efforts are need of the hour. Wildlife Conservation and Birds Club of Ladakh (WCBCL) is not an additional organization to the existing stakeholder organizations, but a community-based voluntary initiative of young and dynamic group of friends, who are willing to take the lead in filling the gap in engineering various conservational activities in Ladakh region. 

WCBCL, Leh over the years have initiated various effective programs, many of them First Evers, in Ladakh region. To mention a few, First Ever Magazine /Periodical wholey and solely dedicated to Wildlife of Ladakh, First Ever Photo Exhibition of Mammals and Birds of Ladakh for second consecutive years - 2016 and 2017, Sloggeneering Anti Poaching Campaign,  Clean Bird Habitat Campgaign, Ladakh Bird Count Anual Event, Ladakh Birds Festival, Asian WaterBird Count Census (2017 and 2018), etc...

Beside propagating various awareness programs, the WCBCL, Leh Ladakh, since its inception has taken lead in various unprecendented actions. WCBCL, Leh is tagged as leading Wildlife Whistle Blower Local Organization from Ladakh for the wildlife lawbreakers.


Upcoming Event
March World Sparrow Day (WSD)
March World Sparrow Day (WSD)
Mar 20
00:01 - 24:00 Office of Wildlife Conservation and Birds Club of Ladakh (WCBCL), Leh- Ladakh
Leh, Laddakh, India

WORD SPARROW DAY 20th March 2019


World Sparrow Day (WSD) 2019.

On the 20th of March every year since 2009, Wildlife Conservationists and Bird Lovers all over the world celebrate Word Sparrow Day. Like every responsible conservation organizations all over the world, Wildlife Conservation and Birds Club of Ladakh (WCBCL), Leh - a Non Profit Wildlife Organization is also celebrating this day to coserve the sparrows of the world.

In 2018, WCBCL Leh celebrated World Sparrow Day by organizing an awaress program at Girls Higher Secondary School Leh and Distributing 20 Sparrow Nest to Sparrow Lovers of Leh Ladakh.

To participate in the World Sparrow Day program, please email us or call on the phone number of this website.